A little warmth


A little warmth

When the weather turns cold and Christmas lights adorn trees and bushes – you feel the winter chill, but also a winter warmth. Here’s to the winter warmth – a photo of the beach near Krabi, Thailand (Hong Island).


My Kind of Paradise


My Kind of Paradise

Bali, Indonesia

The entire island is about the same size as Delaware. This is a destination-must. It’s breathtaking. The lush trees and grass are shades of bright greens. The ocean is so blue and clear – it practically pierces your eyes. This is a place where people can find serenity and escape. It’s relaxation at its finest.

Note: This is also one of the destinations in the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” staring Julia Roberts.

The Edge – Bali

The Balinese culture is one that is carefree. People want to talk with you. There is a natural curioristy with the locals.

According to a Bali tourism website, 95% of the population practices the Hindu religion or Hindu Dharma.

Ayana – Bali

Bali has had issues in the past with global politics.┬áBack in 2002, one of the largest tourist attractions, Kuta, was bombed. More than 500 people were either killed or injured. After the attacks, the island’s tourist industry faltered. As the Balinese tried to regain ground – in 2005, the island was bombed again. Again, tourists did not return.

Ayana – Bali

Years later, it seems that Bali has picked up. Thousands of tourists are lying on the beaches, swimming in the pools, walking around town, and eating at local restaurants.

Bali is truly amazing. It’s cultural. It’s beautiful. It’s breathtaking.

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