I Don’t Need A Cig

You don’t really need to smoke in Shanghai, especially on days like today. This was my morning commute via school-tour bus at 7:00am. The “fog” was settling in.


The past few days have been tough on the lungs. I woke up this morning feeling like I smoked a few packs of cigarettes.

This U.S. Consulate’s Air Quality Index (AQI) measurement was 291, which is deemed “very unhealthy.” Those crazy-looking SARs masks are recommended. The Chinese government’s AQI read 241 – “moderately polluted.”


No matter how you look at it – or how you can see through it – it’s unhealthy. Heathy AQI is usually 50.

So, if you see me around Shanghai rockin’ my Hello Kitty…

ImageYou’ll know why.