About Kathy Vitale

 My roots are in the Land of Lincoln. My last stop was the Mile High City. Now I am discovering one of the largest cities in the world – Shanghai, China. As a former television producer, I let go of my career to follow my heart. It landed me thousands of miles away from home, but has brought out the adventure in life and an incredible companion. With my eyes wide open, my heart on my sleeve,  and several bags packed, there are plenty of stories to share about my new life, my new world, and what it’s like sharing it with 23 million people.


3 thoughts on “About Kathy Vitale

  1. Kathy, I am so excited to follow your adventure! I laughed out loud at your comments on belching and nose rockets, can’t wait to hear more. I am thrilled you have had the courage to follow your heart as it is the only way to experience all God has in store for you.
    Love you ,

  2. We love hearing from you. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful experience.
    We look forward to meeting Adam and being with you next April.
    Your Aunt Sue

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