Zai Jian Shanghai

After a year and a half living abroad, I said farewell to Shanghai a little more than a month ago. The city of 23 million people is a place I won’t forget and somedays miss. Despite its size, it has a lot of charm. It’s not every day that you get to see something that makes you say, “what the hell?” – but that is one of China’s beauties. There is such an eclectic mix of people riding their bikes with their work on them (literally) to people practicing their morning┬átai-chi in the park. Here are some of the things that I miss about Shanghai.

1) ┬áThe city’s massive skyline, which dwarfs NYC. It’s never ending and goes on for miles.


2) The delivery man. Whether it’s dinner, the beer “truck”, the styrofoam man, or the guy with fish tanks on the back of his bike. These moments are special.


3) Riding my bike through the city.


And Adam riding our chariot (for a few minutes)…

532091_10100870389534359_1789126223_n4) Our neighborhood in the vibrant, touristy Xintiandi.


5) Sorry P.F. Chang, eating real Chinese food (with all the peppers!).


6) Amazing fashion.


7) Afternoon workouts in the park.


8) Sherpas delivery – whether it’s pizza, ice, salad, beer, or whatever – it can almost always be sent to your doorstep.


9) Lost in translation moments.


10) Studying (and botching) Mandarin.


11) Crowded elevators, okay crowded everything.chinese-crowd.jpg

12) Being able to travel throughout Asia.

IMG_054013) Every day pajama parties.

images14) Upsetting the locals on Yongkang Lu because the Americans just wanted a beer.


15) Outdoor grooming.IMG_1506

16) Chinese weddings.


17) Our friends.


18) The creepy balloon man at the park.IMG_0381

19) People being resourceful – especially when it comes to laundry.Airing Your Dirty Laundry

20) Adam’s driver Peter and our ayi (housekeeper) who made our lives a lot easier!

There are plenty of other wonderful things about Shanghai from the delicious restaurants to the great nightlife. There are also some interesting historical places not mentioned. These may be simple things that I miss about Shanghai, but they are memorable ones! As they say “zai jian” (goodbye, which also means see you again). Now, we’re on to the next chapter – being back in the USA.