A little warmth


A little warmth

When the weather turns cold and Christmas lights adorn trees and bushes – you feel the winter chill, but also a winter warmth. Here’s to the winter warmth – a photo of the beach near Krabi, Thailand (Hong Island).


10 of Life’s Little Luxuries

Three words: life’s little luxuries can be found when you’re away from home for awhile. It had merely been a few months since I was on American soil, but sometimes it’s the little things that we take for granted and often forget about, are appreciated most.

1) Delicious grocery stores. (American grocery stores are fresh. Endless spices can be found, along with great produce, vegetables and delis. It’s a little different to China’s version of a grocery store, which can resemble a pet shop and some outdated wine and goods).

2) Cars. (It’s nice not having to drive in China (granted I could get my license in Shanghai – if I want to kill myself or others), but it’s really nice to hop in a car and go when and were you want in the US).

3) Wine that’s not overpriced. (It’s relative in restaurants in the US, but the markup on wine in China is incredible. Horrible Yellow Tail wine looks comparable in price to a nice $25 wine.)

4) Diet Pepsi that tastes like real Diet Pepsi.

5) Shopping and sizes that fit an American girl not a Chinese woman who weighs 90lbs. (Yes, something I can choose from and plenty of options).

6) Being able to vote.

7) Clean air. (There are places in China that have clean air just not in larger cities – there’s a good haze).

8) Running outside. (see number 7).

9) Having lots of space, whether it’s personal or for your belongings.

10) Not hearing the sounds of spitting, hacking and snotting while walking down the street – BONUS!

It’s been fun, America. I look forward to more time on US soil in the months ahead, but I also look forward to living in a different world for a little while longer.