My Grocery Store Looks Like…

a pet shop.


This is a glimpse of the seafood section of the Western grocery store that I go to. At this part of the store you can choose your bait, aka dinner. Yes, this is what fresh resembles in China. You can buy the live fish and take it home, or you can have someone clean it for you. My Chinese has not been perfected in this department, so I shy away. I know I would be carrying smelly, half-dead fish in a plastic bag. I’d likely get sick, so dinner would not happen. There is a section where you can buy just the meat, which I prefer. You can also purchase the fish head. Mmmmm… delicious. This is not for the weak stomachs (like mine).

Fortunately, this store has a lot of imported goods from the United States. You can find your Doritos, Kashi, salsa, granola bars, peanut butter, diet Pepsi (the China version tastes different) and frozen pizza. You know, all the things you should not have in your pantry. The only issue – some of these items are not always there. It goes in waves, so you may get excited that Cliff bars are available, but tomorrow and the next day – it probably won’t exist. Hungry Americans.

The nice part – they deliver. Although, I am not sure all of the Chinese understand temperature control. I’ve had melted ice cream and warm meat arrive. Those go into the trash and usually warrants an angry phone call.

The trials and tribulations of going to the supermarket in China.


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