July 11th: A Milestone

July 11th. It’s a day I will always know, love and remember. Today, would be my father’s (Guy Vitale, Jr.) 67th birthday.

Skiing Aspen Snowmass – Spring 2008 (He loved that 80’s-style ski jacket.)

Nearly two years ago he passed away. To me, he beat cancer; he stared it down, fought it longer than doctors expected and became more of an inspiration during it. Two years ago, I wrote the blog below called “A Milestone.” I thought it would be fitting to repost on my Dad’s birthday.

Dad doing what he loved – swimming on his 65th birthday at Aspen Glen Country Club in Carbondale, Colorado – 2010.

We tend to think of milestones as our child’s first birthday or your 5th wedding anniversary. What about the milestone of living another year, month or even a day? 

I’m sure you never thought about celebrating that. I guess I never did either until last year. That’s when my father was diagnosed with stage four cancer. I never treasured life so much until my Dad told me the news. It was one of those moments in life that I’ll never forget. My heart sunk as far as it could in my chest and shattered into a million pieces. 

This month is my Dad’s milestone. He continues to fight his battle, one year later. For one year, he’s undergone the unthinkable: chemotherapy, radiation, you name it. The pain is evident with the constant aches, the ones we only thought we’d feel in our 80s and 90s. He continues to power through, living for each day and each moment that he can spend with his family and friends.

Just last month, my Dad had a different milestone: his 65th birthday.

It was more of an emotional celebration for us all. He sent out cards to his closest friends to leave them with his birthday wish: “Live every second of every day. Life is beautiful.”

Dad on his tractor at Wildwoods Farm in Maquon, Illinois – September 2009.

It’s pretty unbelievable how cancer can truly make you appreciate life. You don’t realize life is that short, until someone actually tells you. Here’s to milestones, whatever yours may be. 

Dad and I in Colorado – Spring 2010.


5 thoughts on “July 11th: A Milestone

  1. Lovely Kathy! It’s still July 10th in Illinois but we’ll certainly remember your dad
    tomorrow with another prayer and happy memories. It’s been above 100 degrees
    here for over a week until last Sunday. That’s a milestone we’ll remember for a
    long time. Many records broken. Hope you got a lot of wedding plans completed
    while you were back. Hi to Adam. We look forward to meeting him. Your aunt!

    • Thanks! Wow, 100+ degrees for more than a week – that sounds like either a) a lot of pool time b) a lot of time in the AC. Either way – stay cool.

      Wedding planning is going well – getting a lot accomplished, but plenty left to do!

      I know Adam is looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the family!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Kathy your dad fought the good fight and I truly thought he would win!! He did win in ways that was not the way we would have liked the win to be, but he left an example as how you should fight the fight with dignity, he never stopped being the Guy we all knew. He went to work he went to church, he carried on his daily routine in going to the Y and still being the man you always saw in the community. I am sure his family saw a different man, but we saw Guy fighting to win the battle and not complaining, He will always be the a special person in our hearts and he will never be forgotten… Peace Guy until we meet again.. Jane and Bill

  3. Kathy I miss your Dad in so many ways. We kept each other grounded with our
    sometimes very direct comments to each other. We also knew how to enjoy a great time together. I often think how much dignity he had in such a difficult fight. I sometimes go back to that song at his burial and do ask him for help because I have a friend.

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