Almost Famous in China

We’re surrounded. Dozens of Chinese people have swarmed us like bees. A crowd grows. More curiosity. A few heads peak in between elbows and shoulders – tip toes, and all. They are trying to get a glimpse. Just a little closer. Still wondering what is going on, still curious – the dozens feel like hundreds.

Then the shutters, the flashes, the clicks go off. It looks like fire flies in the middle of the night. People are snapping pictures of us.


It didn’t take a whole lot to get this much attention. My fiancé and I were at the popular tourist attraction known as The Bund (Wai Tan in Chinese). The reason: to have our engagement photos taken.


Just a few of the people surrounding us – across from them a massive crowd formed

Two Chinese men with a telephoto camera and a massive photographic reflector took photos of my fiancé, Adam and I. Two Americans, two Chinese and a huge crowd. It was unbelievable.

Image        Image

Our photographer,   Gangfeng Wang of Gang of One Photography


You would have thought we were mega-celebs. It felt like the Chinese paparazzi were after us. I am sure if we started signing autographs – people would have thought they won the lottery.


I do not know if Adam and I are framed in homes across China, but we can only hope we have been put nicely on the mantle. Otherwise…


Adam rode this bike and I held a red umbrella for nothing.


2 thoughts on “Almost Famous in China

  1. Those photos are fantastic, Gang does great work! I’m sure you’ll get a similar reception at the corner of Main & Seminary this week in Galesburg!

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