Godzilla vs. Buddha

It was a temple before the city, but now – the city (and Claudia Schiffer) has swallowed it.Image

Jing’An Temple – It was built in 247 AD, approximately 1,000 years before the city of Shanghai.

Jing’An Temple is a Buddhist place of worship.


According to a 2011 China Daily article it states, “In 1912, the country’s first Buddhism organization was established at the site. During the Cultural Revolution, the temple was converted into a plastics factory. It was converted back to a temple following reconstruction in 1983.”

I wonder if Buddha would be happy that his temple was once a plastics factory, or that his temple has views like this one. (At least he’ll have a place to sleep nearby – Hilton Hotel in the distance).


Buddha may not like that a van is parked in the middle of his sanctuary (on the far right).

It’s unbelievable that this place, known to be of “peace and tranquility,” is now surrounded by busy streets, noisy horns and massive skyscrapers.


Looking over the balcony of Jing’An Temple

But in Shanghai the “new” is taking over the old and ancient.


Near Yu Garden

It’s something that isn’t going over well with many Chinese. So it begs the question – is Shanghai losing some of its cultural charm?


By the looks of it – it seems like Godzilla has taken over and has littered the city with Monopoly pieces.


Scale model of Shanghai – the centerpiece to the city’s Urban & Planning Museum. *Note – the entire city could not fit in this picture.

With a city that already has a population of 23 million – it looks like there’s always room to build another skyscraper, or two or three.

Fortunately, Buddha is still smiling.



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