The Moped Booster Seat


This is a common site in Shanghai. Children sitting on the laps of their parents on a moped. I cannot tell you how many people do this every day. It seems as if this culture has no knowledge of child safety.

I have seen babies, toddlers and kids, as old as 12 – on mopeds.

I understand that cars are expensive in China. It is also extremely pricey to have a driver’s license, although – to ride a moped, you must have a license.

In my previous posts, I have mentioned that the drivers here are on the “defense.” Swerving in and out of traffic to the point of getting nauseous. I just cannot believe a parent would put their “one-child” in this situation. (China still has the one-child policy. The policy only allows Chinese couples to have a single child – some can have more, but are usually given a hefty tax. It’s part of population control. Shanghai’s population is 23 million.)

I’m not a mother. I’m not one to criticize someone on how to raise a child. I have no idea. One thing is certain – I would never put my child on my lap, on a scooter.


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