Dear Sydney,

You’re beautiful.


The iconic Sydney Opera House – multi-venue performing arts center


The ocean breeze gently kisses my face. The sun warms my skin. The scenery pleases my eyes.


Manly Beach

Mix New York City’s metropolitan feel with California dreaming and you have an idea of what Sydney, Australia has to offer. You won’t find people rude, rather with a surfer, laid back attitude.

ImageManly Beach

Sailboats glisten as they swarm the sea. The wind catching and pulling them through the thrashing waves.Image

The background immediately goes from a sea full of sailboats, small islands with cliffs to  awe-inspiring buildings that almost bring a Catalina feel to Australia.


The architecture that surrounds the city has character. High rises are in the midst of Victorian and Colonial buildings. Old post offices are turned into shopping centers instead of big box stores. The city has the Old World charm.


An area known as The Rocks in Sydney Harbour

From the”In 1788, Australia’s first European settlers-British convicts and their overseers-claimed the land and built their camp atop the sandstone cliffs.”


Sydney Harbour Bridge (The world’s largest steel bridge.)


And even though Australia is not the easiest country to get to – it’s hard to leave views like these.


Darling Harbour


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