Land Down Under


Vibrant, friendly, beautiful, active, colorful, captivating – words that describe Melbourne, Australia.

There is a sense of energy in this city (population 4 million). The people are genuine. The ambiance of the city could be compared to Denver or San Francisco. There are plenty of parks, waterfront restaurants and buildings with character.

You can head to the National Gallery of Victoria and find yourself looking at french impressionists like Monet. If you walk down the street and you can hop onto a free tram.

The Aussie’s have a sense of humor, that is for sure. This is not a place for the serious folk- c’mon mate. Hippies are in the midst of a sea of businessmen and women. And there are always people at the nearby bars ready for happy hour , which begins at any hour.

This part of the land down under is pretty spectacular – beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Plus, the weather (it’s autumn, right now) is perfect.

If you can jump to this part of the world – it is worth the adventure, rhinos on skateboards and all.


The rhinos on skateboards sign is to warn pedestrians not to walk in front of moving trams. The weight of a tram is comparable to being hit by 30 rhinos.


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