What a delivery looks like in China…

When a van doesn’t work – use your bike.

It’s unbelievable how many things are toted around on the back of bikes in China. I have seen a guy pack on more than 100 chairs on one before. (I wish I had a photo of that.)

Then there’s the guy with the styrofoam. (seen in my earlier blog post – “Trunk Space”)

Or the man who bikes around with fish tanks. It’s different from the US, but after all – not everyone can have a car in a city that’s population is 23 million and counting.

Traffic here resembles thousands of drunk drivers on the road.

Getting a license is extremely expensive here, so people often ride their bikes to get around town and – of course, make plenty of deliveries – whether it’s beer, styrofoam, or the next big thing.

One thing is certain – there’s plenty of space on the back of your bike.


One thought on “What a delivery looks like in China…

  1. Always great to hear from you and seeing your pictures. We were amazed at all of
    the bicycles when we were there and what all they could carry on them when we
    were there twenty plus years ago. Keep up with all of your good work and we will
    see you at your wedding!

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