Shanghai Dodgeball (Morning Commute)

Riding in Shanghai traffic is similar to dodgeball, you hope you don’t get hit.

Intersection of Jinling Road and Xizang Road

I have had plenty of near misses – close calls, whatever you want to call it. There’s no “right of way” here. It’s a free for all of traffic – drivers/riders weaving in and out – honking, ringing bells and slamming on brakes. It’s aggressive. There isn’t a spot on the road for the extremely cautious – there’s only a spot for the extremely brave.

With 23 million people living in one gigantic city – the subway during rush hour is more crowded than tweens heading to the debut of Twilight. And to find a taxi on a rainy day – well, you may have more luck winning the lottery.

The other forms of transportation are your feet, your moped, or your bike. No seatbelt needed – but you’ll want to hold tight – it’s going to be a bumpy, crazy ride – but at least you’ll get where you’re going.


2 thoughts on “Shanghai Dodgeball (Morning Commute)

  1. It looks so relaxing 🙂 Love the tweens to Twilight comparison! Shanghai Dodgeball would make a good band name too. Have you started greeting people in Chinese yet?

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