Like Peppers in your Mouth

Learning Mandarin is like having peppers in your mouth.

When you first start learning you can’t say anything without having the right tones. It’s similar to eating something hot – when you cannot form words, but just make weird noises.

Some how, some way – I am going to get a better understanding of this tough language. I have committed to three months of full-time Mandarin classes. I’m learning to speak it and write characters. And while it will be challenging, it will also give me a better understanding of where I live and how to communicate.

Right now, being an Italian American is useful in China – you can always talk with your hands and people “sometimes” understand you, or at least you think they do.

Time will tell if I can master this language. If anything else, it will be fun trying, learning and feeling like I’m eating lots of peppers! At least there’s something to help with indigestion.


2 thoughts on “Like Peppers in your Mouth

  1. makes me think of the “Big Bang Theory” episode where Sheldon tries to learn Mandarin to try and confront the restaurant about their tangerine chicken. if you haven’t seen it, look it up, at least the last segment.

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