Your Career is in the Polish

If my next career is chosen by a nail polish color, I’m going to be an “intimate nurse.”

It’s amazing what you observe at a nail salon. The walls are covered by frames of gaudy nail choices – some with designs that resemble a glitter explosion, others look more like they belong to Hello Kitty – complete with wax bows (yes, they are glued on your fingernails).

I guess I didn’t really think a lot about nails until I moved here.

I always knew to keep my hands manicured, since they are part of your first impression – but this is a whole different level. Nails in China are about personality, character, wealth and well, your career.

Taxi drivers, men especially, will often be seen with a long pinky nail.

I wish I was kidding, but to my understanding it’s to show people they aren’t doing hard, manual labor. It’s a sign of wealth. Trust me, I don’t devalue their jobs – I keep cab drivers employed.

And just like their careers, I was surprised that I would choose my new profession at a nail salon.

I was looking at the polish choices. (Went off track from my usual OPI route.) I picked my color – a light pink, elegant, clean, neutral. I’m rather boring – no glitter, no faces on my fingertips.

 Then I realized as the brush strokes graced my just filed nails that I had picked from the professional pinwheel.

The ladies at the nail salon had made a faux nail pinwheel – the color you choose has a job title.

I am now an “intimate nurse” according to it.

I’m not sure what that means. I don’t think I want to know.

And for those of you wondering where you may fall into the category – here are some of the polish color options and job titles:

  • Blue, black, green, white – Office Lady
  • Light brown, light pinks, nude – Little Housewife
  • Different version of nudes, neutrals, white – Air Hostess
  • Pink, light pinks, lighter neutrals – Intimate Nurse
  • Bright pink, bright red, bolder colors – Fashion Designer

Where do you fall into the color spectrum?

I wish I had a photo of the actual pinwheel, but my nails were wet.

You can be anything you want to be in China. Yesterday, I was an intimate nurse – what will today bring?


One thought on “Your Career is in the Polish

  1. Kathy, I live with an intimate nurse; I know all about them! Keep writing and keep dodging the snot rockets on the Shanghai streets. I’m starting to feel a little more Chinese just reading these entries.

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