Ready, Set, You’re Here

My bags were packed, I was ready to go – you know how that song goes, “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” Well, this time – it was real.

Light packer, but not all the essentials.

Reality didn’t set in until putting my feet on the ground in Shanghai.

With a jet lag induced state, I was ready for an adventure.

I had wanted change, I was ready to explore the world and excited about making a new life in a place I never even imagined traveling to – China.

I wouldn’t be doing it all by myself, as independent as I’d like to think, my boyfriend – Adam, already lived here for five and a half years. He’d make the transition easier. I’m not sure I could have done it alone, but I commend all those expats – like himself- who have done it. I’ll keep the love life portion, private – but I will say this:

It’s the best decision I’ve made.

The lights aglow, the city bustling – there’s a sense of excitement that there’s always something going on. The city never stops, time never sits still – and yesterday seems like four weeks ago.  It’s a pace I haven’t experienced. It is chaotic, but thrilling.

The Bund

After having a conversation with another expat (foreigner), he shared with me this insight:

“Living in China is like living in dog years, even though you’ve been here for one year, you’ve practically been here for seven.”

It seemed strange hearing that, considering I had just moved to Shanghai. Although, soon – I would understand that statement.


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